Why us

Compass Materials was born out of our passion to produce the most beautiful and original flooring for our international clients. Our hardwood floor collections are created to serve as the perfect complement for all architectural and decor styles. No matter what your aesthetic, you’ll find a Compass Materials floor collection to match it. We work relentlessly to develop and refine our products, which is propelling us to the top of the flooring industry. We are proud to offer you our uniquely designed hardwood floors and look forward to continuing to drive innovation with future products.


Superior Manufacture

Compass Materials is owned by one of the world’s leading factories, which makes us able to offer consistency in high standards of engineered timber floors with competitive price.

European Oak

You can expect 100% European oak from us which provide the most fabulous natural look. All of our timbers are legally logged.

Branded Glue

Our glue used has prove quality and is been tested by many users. This also contribute to our consistency of high quality products.


While Compass Materials colour tones and depths are unequalled, we want to preserve the beauty for years and years. Premium coatings not only enhance Compass Materials natural beauty but give you a tough anti-scratch UV protective coating that is easy to clean. 

Proven Results

From initial design through to final installation, Compass Materials undergoes an exhaustive testing regime to give you peace of mind that we have done everything to provide a floor that is strong, durable, environmentally friendly and kind to your health. European, Japanese and Australian Testing Standards are all applied throughout Compass Materials journey from the forest to your floor.

You’ll love the many benefits of showing Compass Materials hardwood floor collections in your showroom.

As your butler of quality flooring, we can assure you that every collection not only offers unique style and stunning versatility but is also made with the consistency and attention to detail your clients desire. Furthermore, we provide the kind of care and customer service consumers demand today, which reflects on your business as well. We welcome your interest in working with our fast-growing company.

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