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Our Passion

             for Better Flooring

You will love the many benefits of showing Compass Materials engineered timber floor collections in your showroom. As your butler of quality flooring, we can assure you that every collection not only offers unique style and stunning versatility but is also made with the consistency and attention to detail your clients desire. Furthermore, we provide the kind of care and customer service consumers demand today, which reflects on your business as well. We welcome your interest in working with our fast-growing company.

Our Vision

             for better flooring solution

The Compass Prime Oak range of products has developed an enviable reputation for quality and value. Linked to our unique distribution network the group continues to grow in strength by offering retailers, contractors and professional fitters an added value service.

With its continued development policy, we are constantly evolving ranges to keep pace with changing interior design styles, whilst striving to satisfy the installation needs of professional fitters and contractors.

Compass Materials was born out of our passion to produce the most beautiful and original flooring for our international clients. Our engineered floor collections are created to serve as the perfect complement for all architectural and decor styles.